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We are recruiting researchers at all levels. Please contact Dr. Minah Lee for details. (Email:

Graduate students: Ph.D and Integrated M.S.-Ph.D programs are available. (Currently, we have no M.S. position.)
KIST 학연협동연구 석박과정 안내  LINK    /   KIST 학연협동연구 모집공고  LINK )

- Postdocs: Material scientists and chemists are welcome to inquire about a postdoc position. Please email Minah an application packet containing your CV, a cover letter summarizing past research & relevant interests for our lab, and a list of professional references with their contact information. 

- Undergraduate interns: Fall/Winter semester internship positions are currently available. (대학별 학점인정형 현장실습 프로그램 참고) Priority will be given to students who are interested in applying to graduate programs.

- Graduate interns : 이공계 전문기술 연수 (석박사) 사업 (link) / 모집공고 (current openning)

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